First Communion I & II

Holy Eucharist

First Communion - A Two Year Program

We believe that preparing children for Reconciliation and Eucharist is a wonderful opportunity for families. The early years of Faith Formation are formative for the whole family and provide a beautiful opportunity to reflect on how God has been present in their lives and to encounter Him in a meaningful way. We try to meet families where they are and help each family move forward on their faith journey. Preparation for First Reconciliation and Eucharist is a 2 year program, First Communion I (FCI) and First Communion II (FCII). All students must attend FCI prior to moving on to FCII, regardless of grade. The exception being children that attend catholic school, they only need attend FCII.


Our First Communion II program Requirements 
  • A Baptismal certificate for all student entering the FCI program
  • Bimonthly classes (Sunday mornings for St. Peter and St. Kateri, Monday evenings for Our Lady of Lourdes)
  • Monthly Parent Meetings (see schedules for parent meetings)
  • Celebration of the Sacrament of Reconciliation in the winter and First Eucharist in the Spring -  Dates TBD
  •  Mass attendance with Sign In at least 80% attendance
  • Spring Retreat for all students in FCII
  • Parental Involvement: parents have a primary role in the faith formation of their children. Click to Read the Article.