Best Lent Ever 2.0

News February 7, 2022
Best Lent Ever

We have exciting news to share about a powerful innovation made to Dynamic Catholic’s BEST LENT EVER program… not one but TWO amazing BEST LENT EVER experiences this year.

The first is called The Generosity Habit. It will focus on God’s incredible generosity, how to unleash it in our lives, and prove that you don’t need money or things to live a life of staggering generosity.

The second is called Difficult Teachings. This program will cover 40 of Jesus’ most difficult teachings, which we often resist or ignore, but will transform our lives if we let them.

Both programs will come in one email! You can watch one or both, but most importantly, you can pass along more content to friends, family and all those you want to inspire and encourage in faith!

As always, the program is completely free. All it takes is putting in your name and email on the Dynamic Catholic website to get signed up!

Click here to sign up - it's free!