End Hunger New England

News May 19, 2022


End Hunger

We are currently working to organize a pilot group of volunteers to work with the End Hunger New England organization www.endhungerne.org, a subsidiary of the Outreach Program. Operating out of Pembroke, this is a small but very impressive group of dedicated volunteers who recently put together and shipped one million meal packets to Ukrainian refugees overseas as a special project. Each meal serves six people so the contribution was significant.  The group’s usual focus is New England where they distribute thousands of meals every year.

This is a unique model that is well suited to our social justice efforts and we will be outlining volunteer opportunities shortly. The project is particularly useful for small-group, short-term commitments. We hope to offer several options, including one that we think will appeal to teenagers in our parish. End Hunger NE is a crucial service to those suffering from food insecurity throughout our region and the program is so creatively designed and efficient that it makes volunteering gratifying and, dare we say it, fun! The group is run out of a warehouse where they offer two-hour time slots to put together meal packets in an assembly line format. They also run pop-up-style events at churches, food pantries, and other venues where folks come in and replicate the warehouse model on a smaller scale in their own space. If you’re interested in learning more, please contact our Social Justice Committee at [email protected] or call your parish office, and  watch for announcement of opportunities soon to help this much-needed cause!