An Urgent Request from the USCCB

News March 2, 2022

Protect our new neighbors - urge members of Congress to advance an Afghan Adjustment Act

From the USCCB: Tens of thousands of Afghans and their families have arrived in the U.S. to be resettled and are now in need of a pathway to real and lasting safety. An Afghan Adjustment Act, patterned after similar legislation such as the Cuban Adjustment Act following the Cuban Revolution, offers an important correction by allowing these Afghan evacuees to apply to become lawful permanent residents, the same permanent status they would have received had they been admitted through the US. Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP). Rather than penalizing our new Afghan neighbors for being evacuated by the U.S. government, Congress has an urgent moral obligation to ensure they have a chance to integrate fully and thrive within our communities.

This need is urgent, and right now Congress is negotiating legislation that will fund the federal government for the rest of Fiscal Year 2022. It is imperative that members of Congress hear loudly and clearly that an Afghan Adjustment Act should be included in the final funding package.