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Saint Peter Parish Faith Formation Schedule 2021-2022


Option 1: In Person Classes Grades 1-10

In Person Classes will meet biweekly approximately 2X a month on Sunday Mornings. Sundays will alternate Week A followed by Week B. 

Grades 1-5 Meet on Week A  This includes First Communion I and First Communion II

Time: Sunday Morning 10:45AM to 11:45AM 

Grades 6-10 Meet on Week B

Time: Sunday Morning 10:45AM to 12:00


Class Schedule






Click Here for St. Peter Yearly In-Person Schedule All Grades

First Communion I and II Schedules

Grades 3-5 Schedule Saint Peters

Grades 6-8 Schedule Saint Peters

Confirmation I and II Schedule Saint Peters

Option 2: Homeschool/hybrid Model (available for grades 3-8)

Curriculum for grades 3-6 William H. Sadlier Christ in Us On-line Component

Curriculum for grades 6-8 Christ In Us and Our Sunday Visitor Jesus Christ

Additional Required Dates Click Here for Schedule


Option 3: Summer Program (Available for grades 3-8)

Our Summer Program offers classes for 2 two week sessions during the summer, for students in grades 3 – 8. Students attending the summer program are required to attend additional special events throughout the year including such as Reconciliation, Speakers and retreats.  Due to Covid19 the summer program has been canceled. We will resume the program for Summer 2022. 

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