St Peter's Baptism


St. Peter Parish Baptism Program Overview 

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Our Baptism Program has five parts:

Step One-Initial Contact: We ask you to call Regina Sherman at the Parish Office at 508-746-0663 x 306. Some initial information will be taken. Shortly thereafter, a member of our Baptismal Team will contact you. This discussion provides an opportunity for us to gather information about your newborn, the parents, and your desired baptismal date as well as to share information about our baptismal program.

 Step Two-Choosing the Godparents: The selection of godparents is a critical choice in the baptism of your child. The role of the godparents is to help parents raise their child in the Catholic faith. As you prepare for your child’s baptism, you are invited to reflect on the role and selection of the godparents. Prior to inviting a relative or friend to assume the role of godparent, it is important that you understand what our church teaches regarding godparents:

  • Ideally, godparents should be a man and a woman who have received all three sacraments of initiation (baptism, confirmation, and Eucharist)
  • Godparents should be Catholics in good standing, enthusiastically living their faith and active participants in the life of the church.
  • Godparents represent the Church as they promise, on behalf of the Church at large, to help parents in raising the child in our Catholic faith.
  • Non-Catholic Christians may not be godparents but they may be “Christian witnesses.” There always must be one baptized and confirmed Catholic as godparent

If a godparent is not able to be present for the baptism, they may be represented by proxy. If you have questions or concerns about selecting a godparent, please call our Deacon or priest(s).


Step Three – Attend the Baptism Preparation Class: On Thursday evening preceding the last Sunday of the month (the day of the welcoming Mass), a Baptism Preparation Class is held. The class is for both parents and godparents and takes place in our lower church gathering space at 6:00 PM. Our Baptismal Preparation Team, including our Deacon, seeks to prepare parents for their child’s baptism with a one-hour workshop that has the following goals:

  • Welcome families to their faith community to share God’s infinite and unconditional love of them and their newborn. Educate parents about the history, meaning, and symbolism of the Sacrament  of Baptism in the Catholic Church
  • Acquaint the parents with the rituals of the baptismal ceremony itself.
  • Encourage parents and godparents to be actively involved in their faith community
  • Involve parents in a reflection of the presence of God in their lives.


Step Four –Welcoming Mass: You and your baby will be invited to come to the 9:30 am Sunday morning Mass. During Mass, there will be a special anointing for all the babies who are preparing for Baptism. This anointing, with the Oil of Catechumens, enables the entire parish community the privilege of asking God to bless and protect you and your child. It also allows our parish to support your decision to baptize your child. This welcoming Mass is usually the last Sunday of the month before the Baptism.

 Step Five – Attend the Rite of Baptism: The sacrament of Baptism takes place in the Church on the first Sunday of each month. Everyone is welcome to this joy filled ceremony. The sacred rite takes about 1 hour.

Again, our Baptism Preparation Classes are held in our lower church gathering space at 6:00 pm until approximately 7:00 pm on the Thursday before the last Sunday of the month (the Thursday before the Welcoming Mass).

Our welcoming Mass takes place on the last Sunday of the month preceding the Baptism at our 9:30 AM First Sunday of the month Family Mass.