Welcome To Mary Queen of Martyrs



Welcome to Mary Queen of Martyr's Parish

On behalf of all, I would like to welcome to the newly formed Mary, Queen of Martyrs Parish.  Our new Parish was formed when the former Pilgrim Collaborative, consisting of St. Peter’s and Saint Kateri of Plymouth, and our Lady of Lourdes of Carver became one.  We are one parish, with three churches.

The majority of changes that occurred on this merger are from an administrative and financial perspective.  What has not changed is the mission of our churches.

 We continue to strive to be a welcoming community to all, where all who wish to grow in their love of God are welcome and we continue to invite all who wish to join in celebrating the presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist to join us!

It is my personal goal to strive to share with all that Jesus loves you! I welcome you all to share in His love and our faith here at Mary, Queen of Martyrs.

Yours in Christ, 

Father Joe

Learn More About Us

Mary, Queen of Martyrs Parish was officially formed in June of 2022 when the parishes of our Pilgrim Collaborative merged. Our new Parish was formed from all of the parishioners from our present three churches, Saint Peter’s Parish and Saint Kateri Tekakwitha of Plymouth, and Our Lady of Lourdes of Carver came together under one umbrella.

All three churches have provided a history of meaningful contributions to the parishioners of the Plymouth and Carver areas and will continue to service our community with mass, faith formation, and we encourage all to continue to involve themselves and participate in living the Word of God.

We welcome all to join us in faith and worship. And join us in Prayer for Our Collaborative

Our Parish Vision

Our parish is a welcoming community of prayer, growing in our love of God.

We desire to share that love with all we meet in our daily encounters.

We invite all who wish to join in celebrating the real presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist and seeing a vibrant relationship with Jesus through prayer, scripture and the Sacraments.

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